At least 12 Rohingya drown in latest boat disaster

At least 12 Rohingya Muslim refugees, mainly children, drowned when their boats capsized on the way to Bangladesh, police said on Monday, the latest victims of violence in Myanmar that has forced more than half a million people from their homes.

The boat sank near Shah Porir Dwip, on the southern

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Obama personally warned Zuckberberg over fake news

Former US President Barack Obama personally urged Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to counter the rise of fake news on the social network during a meeting held shortly after last year's election, the Washington Post reported Sunday.

The encounter

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Trump, in tweet, hits Amazon over taxes, jobs

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday criticized Amazon.com on Twitter over taxes and jobs and accused the global retailer, without offering evidence, of hurting U.S. localities and causing job losses.

Shares of the company fell 0.3 percent to

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Trump, we have your back in fighting ISIS

The world today faces turbulence on many fronts. From Harvey and Irma here in the United States, to the threats of nuclear proliferation, radicalisation and new and ever-more barbarous acts of terrorism around the globe, nations need firm partners

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US bans travel to North Korea from Sept 1

A ban on travel by US passport holders to North Korea will take effect on Sept. 1 and Americans in the country should leave before that date, the US State Department said on Wednesday.

Journalists and humanitarian workers may apply for exceptions

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